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Guy Sandy, DC
Chiropractic Pain Relief Center
Staying Healthy Naturally Through Chiropractic Care
1800 30th St Suite 302   
BoulderCO 80301
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We at The Chiro House are here to help as many people and their families in our community to achieve the best possible health through Chiropractic, Exercise and Nutrition; to do this through natural means so that these people are aware of their innate health potential; to emphasize to our patients to have a drug-less, non-surgical perspective in life; and to take a positive dynamic view of health.
Throughout my life I have participated in many different activities such as gymnastics, Judo, Karate, and parachuting, that were harmful to my body, particularly to my spine. Over time, the impact of these activities caused significant spinal injuries.

I tried everything short of surgical repair and nothing actually worked; until I tried chiropractic. I learned that my spine was out of place and not functioning in certain areas. These areas were degenerating due to misuse and disuse. Through chiropractic care, my spine was realigned and made functional once again. I have devoted my life to the science and art of chiropractic so others may discover and the same benefits and healing.
Practice Areas
 Accidents and Injuries
 Acute and Chronic Pain
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 COVID-19 Related Issues
 Disc Herniation
 Foot and Ankle Injuries
 Hip Pain
 Jaw Pain / TMJ Disorders
 Joint Pain
 Knee Pain
 Neck Pain / Whiplash
 Nerve Pain / Sciatica
 Numbness / Tingling in Arms or Feet
 Online / Video Consultation
 Pinched Nerves
 Posture / Balance Problems
 Repetitive Stress Injuries
 Shoulder / Arm / Elbow Pain
 Spinal Decompression
 Sports Injuries
 Upper Cervical Chiropractic
 Licensed Chiropractor (State)
Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA
Colorado Licensed
Extremity Practioner
Payments Accepted
Cash, check, insurance, credit cards
9am - 6pm Monday - Friday
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