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Your chiropractor in Noblesville, IN.
I have served my community by compassionately and attentively caring for patients for the past 22 years, providing traditional, whole body Chiropractic healthcare, nutritional therapy and custom orthotics while upholding only the highest professional standards of Chiropractic excellence. My professional passion is to provide each patient with tailored care that first relieves their symptoms, then corrects and rehabilitates the underlying cause of those symptoms and which finally maintains the corrections that we've made and promotes vibrant health. I own and operate Noblesville Family Chiropractic in Noblesville, Indiana where I provide cutting edge, affordable, contemporary Chiropractic healthcare from within a charming, historic setting.
Practice Areas
 Chiropractic  Accidents and Injuries  Acute and Chronic Pain
 Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine  Arthritis  Back Pain
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Disc Herniation  Fibromyalgia
 Foot and Ankle Injuries  Headache  Hip Pain
 Jaw Pain / TMJ Disorders  Joint Pain  Knee Pain
 Neck Pain / Whiplash  Massage Therapy  Nerve Pain / Sciatica
 Numbness / Tingling in Arms or Feet  Pinched Nerves  Posture / Balance Problems
 Repetitive Stress Injuries  Scoliosis  Shoulder / Arm / Elbow Pain
 Spinal Decompression  Sports Injuries  Upper Cervical Chiropractic
 Dietary Therapy and Nutrition  Lifestyle Counseling
 Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)  Licensed Chiropractor (State)
Dr. Brad Dahlager is a chiropractor in Noblesville, IN providing care at Noblesville Family Chiropractic. He provides gentle, compassionate, and scientific correction of spinal problems and their neurological consequences for individuals and families who want vibrant health. The clinic supports patients as they strive to achieve their health goals with specific chiropractic adjustments, targeted exercise regimens, custom fitted orthotics, tailored nutrition and individualized patient education. Our mission is to faithfully serve each patient by helping them restore the structure of the body in order to attain maximum neurologic integrity and optimal health.
953 Maple Ave
NoblesvilleIN 46060
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