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Network Spinal Analysis Practitioner
Our mind-body approach will help you release tension by correcting inefficient patterns in your body. Because each emotion you experience has a specific muscle tension pattern, without the proper physical structures and energetic strategies in your body, you cannot get the most out of life. By realigning your spine, we can teach your body what it's like to heal efficiently, feel good, and create lasting change.

Dr. Shaun M Gallagher is a licensed chiropractor, but equally important is what his style of chiropractic does for his patients. His unique approach to healing has several important outcomes:
(1) Dr. Gallagher’s style of practice puts safety into your nervous system so you can relax and let go. Remember how relaxed you were at the end of your last vacation? That “recoup-mode” is critical to your health and Dr. Gallagher is an expert at reproducing it in the core of your body.
(2) Dr. Gallagher’s care teaches your body and brain a set of skills that help you self-regulate anxiety and tension. Fact: Life is stressful. If you want to get the most out of life and stay healthy, don’t you need the best physical tools possible?
(3) The care Dr. Gallagher provides gives you greater depth and meaning for WHY your condition occurs and HOW to deal with it so the change lasts forever. Nowadays everything seems to be “going green” as we initiate lasting changes for a healthier planet tomorrow. How about using the same sustainable strategy for your body and mind? If you’re through with patching the pothole on Monday only to discover that it has returned by Wednesday, Dr. Gallagher can help you to achieve lasting change.
Practice Areas
 Chiropractic  Accidents and Injuries  Acute and Chronic Pain
 Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine  Arthritis  Back Pain
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Disc Herniation  Fibromyalgia
 Foot and Ankle Injuries  Headache  Hip Pain
 Jaw Pain / TMJ Disorders  Joint Pain  Knee Pain
 Neck Pain / Whiplash  Nerve Pain / Sciatica  Numbness / Tingling in Arms or Feet
 Pinched Nerves  Posture / Balance Problems  Repetitive Stress Injuries
 Scoliosis  Shoulder / Arm / Elbow Pain  Spinal Decompression
 Sports Injuries  Upper Cervical Chiropractic  Aromatherapy
 Chinese Herbal Medicine  Homeopathic Medicine  Naturopathic Medicine
 Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)  Licensed Chiropractor (State)
Undergraduate School:
East Stroudsburg University - 2006
Northampton Community College - 2004

Medical School:
Life University - 2011
Payments Accepted
Accepting cash, credit, check
Hours:Mon & Tues 9a-12n & 3p-7p; Wed 5p-8p; Fri 9a-12n & 3p-6pm; Sat 9a-1p
Cost/Session:Free initial consultation, $40 routine sessions