Chiropractor in Lakewood, CO

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Michael P North, D.C.

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Michael P North, D.C., is a chiropractor located in Lakewood, CO.

• Chiropractic Biophysics • Manual Adjusting • Pettibon • Spinal Biomechanics • Traction • Upper Cervical • Auto Injury Specialist

• Deep Muscle • Extremities • Full Spine • Scoliosis • Shoe Orthotics • Whiplash • Headaches • Sciatica

Other Services:
• Clinical Traction • Massage Therapy • X-ray Examination • Deep Tissue Massage • Neuromuscular Re-training

Insurance Accepted:
• Auto Insurance • Health Insurance • Work Comp Injuries • Lien Cases

Other Payment Methods:
• Cash • Visa • MasterCard • Discover

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Practice Areas
 Chiropractic  Headache  Pinched Nerves
 Accidents and Injuries  Hip Pain  Posture / Balance Problems
 Acute and Chronic Pain  Jaw Pain / TMJ Disorders  Repetitive Stress Injuries
 Arthritis  Joint Pain  Scoliosis
 Back Pain  Knee Pain  Shoulder / Arm / Elbow Pain
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Neck Pain / Whiplash  Spinal Decompression
 Disc Herniation  Nerve Pain / Sciatica  Sports Injuries
 Fibromyalgia  Numbness / Tingling in Arms or Feet  Upper Cervical Chiropractic
 Foot and Ankle Injuries