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Location: Manhatan, KS 66502
Description: Dr. Colette, aka The Pain Slayer, has been providing natural pain solutions to some of the toughest cases for over 20 years. Visit her website at DrColette.com to find information on how you can arrange a telehealth visit for a private consultation. Dr. Colette will help you develop a personal road map back to health which will include a past medical health history, lifestyle assessment, nutritional appraisal and may also involve lab testing, x-rays, and a physical examination to determine the source of your pain. Using this data, together, you and Dr. Colette, will develop a care plan to reduce inflammation and pain, improve your strength, endurance and overall well-being. She will also help you find specialists in your local area to collaborate with for physical medicine procedures you may require. Contact Dr. Colette, today. Don't let pain still another day from you.
Posted On: Sunday, August 9, 2020
Contact Name: Dr Colette
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