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Seeking Chiropractic Treatment in Vestmannaeyjar, GA 900


Type: Chiropractic
Location: Vestmannaeyjar, GA 900
Posted: Mon. Sep 14

I had a quick question regarding If you’re not the person to manages your site, could you please pass this on to someone who can?

Do you track visitors on your website? Do your website visitors like your website? Is your website optimized and making the most conversions from your visitors? These are all extremely important questions to ask yourself when managing and maintaining a website.

Tracking website visitors can give you a wonderful idea of how many potential customers you have, how they interact with your web site, and if there’s an area of your web site that could improve performance resulting in more customers.

I took a look at your website and it looks like you could really benefit from something like this - We released software that not only tracks how users interact with your website, but also builds what we call “Heat Maps” that make a map of your website showing where users click most. Our tool can also record users’ screens so you can see exactly what the users sees.

We’re offering 50% off all of our plans to new customers looking to increase their sales and optimize their website. If this is something you’re interested in, please check us out at: and use coupon code: WELCOME50

This is incredibly valuable data that can lead to more sales, and a better experience for your visitors. As you know, COVID is a difficult time for not only individuals but also businesses. Every single sale counts now days and we’d hate for you to be losing out on potential sales.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Kind Regards,
TrackedPage Team
Marketing Team
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