Chiropractors use a “hands on” approach and/or specific instruments to locate and correct spinal misalignments that cause the nerve pressure that may be responsible for tension and other types of headaches.
When a vertebra (spinal bone) is misaligned or out of place, it presses on the nerves that exit the spine above and below it, causing nerve interference. When nerve interference is present, it disrupts the communication link between the brain and the affected body part, causing dis-ease and other conditions, including chronic headaches.
Usually with headaches, the misplaced bone is located in the upper cervical spine (top of the spine). Spinal misalignments typically occur with a traumatic head or neck injury, such as a fall, an accident or an injury that might have occurred without your even knowing it!

Our chiropractors take the time necessary to look at your past health history and to help you try to remember if you had a sports-related injury or fell from a bed or even a tree. Maybe you were in a car accident as a young child or even as an adult. All of these types of events can cause a spinal bone to shift out of its proper position. They will also provide you with a thorough examination to determine whether chiropractic care can help to reduce or even eliminate your tension headache pain.

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