Could meditation reduce brain aging?
It is common knowledge that the brain deteriorates as we age, causing functional impairments. You may be surprised to learn that this process usually begins during mid-to-late-20s. But before you panic, a new study suggests a potential way to reduce such deterioration meditation.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10
Sleep quality could be improved with mindfulness meditation
New research suggests that practicing mindfulness meditation could be a great way for older adults to improve the quality of their sleep.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10
Roseroot may have potential as alternative treatment for depression
A herb used in traditional European folk medicine for over 3,000 years could be a potential treatment option for depression, according to the results of a new study.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10
Homeopathy: harmful and unscientific or misunderstood?
Does homeopathy fly in the face of science or is it the most misunderstood of all the major forms of complementary medicine Two doctors - one for and one against homeopathy - argue in The BMJ whether it should be recommended to patients.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10
Acupuncture has 'similar mode of action to psychiatric drugs'
In a controlled experiment with rats, acupuncture was effective against treating chronic stress, according to a report in the journal Endocrinology - with the results suggesting a mode of action similar to that of anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10
Some radiation okay for expectant mother and fetus
ROSEMONT, Ill.--According to a new study in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons JAAOS , imaging studies necessary to diagnose traumatic injuries sustained by pregnant women are safe when used properly. During pregnancy, approximately 5 to 8 percent of women sustain traumatic injuries, including fractures and muscle tears. To help evaluate and manage these injuries, orthopaedic surgeons often recommend radiographs and other imaging s ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Aug 6
How white blood cells limit muscle regeneration
Researchers have identified a protein produced by white blood cells that puts the brakes on muscle repair after injury. By removing the protein CD163 from mice, scientists at Emory University School of Medicine could boost muscle repair and recovery of blood flow after ischemic injury damage caused by restriction of blood flow . The findings point to a target for potential treatments aimed at enhancing muscle regeneration. Muscle breakdown occurs in respon ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Aug 5
Meniscal transplant in patients age 50 and under relieves pain, delays additio...
ROSEMONT, Ill.-- Most patients younger than age 50 with a torn or severely damaged meniscus experienced reduced pain and improved knee function following transplant surgery, according to a study in the August 5 issue of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery JBJS . However, many patients required additional surgery within 10 years. The meniscus is a wedge-shaped piece of fibrocartilage in the knee that acts as a shock absorber between the thighbone and shin ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Aug 5
High academic stress linked to increased illness, injuries among college footb...
COLUMBIA, Mo. - Coaches and trainers strive to keep their players healthy so they can perform at their maximum potentials. Injury restrictions, or limits on athletes physical activity due to illnesses or injuries, can keep athletes on the bench for a game or even an entire season. Now, University of Missouri researchers have found college football players are more likely to experience injuries during test weeks than during training camp. The effects of aca ...
EurekAlert - Tue. Aug 4
In vitro cellular response to osteopathic manipulative therapy provides proof ...
In vitro studies of the cellular effects of modeled osteopathic manipulative therapy OMT provide proof of concept for the manual techniques practiced by doctors of osteopathic medicine DOs , according to researchers from the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix. The study, published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association , focused on modeling two common OMT techniques, myofascial release and counterstrain. Researchers subject ...
EurekAlert - Tue. Aug 4
World's first bilateral hand transplant on child at Children's Hospital of Phi...
Surgeons at The Children s Hospital of Philadelphia CHOP joined with colleagues from Penn Medicine recently to complete the world s first bilateral hand transplant on a child. Earlier this month, the surgical team successfully transplanted donor hands and forearms onto eight-year-old Zion Harvey who, several years earlier, had undergone amputation of his hands and feet and a kidney transplant following a serious infection. Led by L. Scott Levin, M.D., FACS ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Jul 29
'Watch' helps surgeons minimize potential risks of all-inside meniscal repair
Needham, MA.- JBJS Case Connector , an online case report journal published by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery , has issued a Watch regarding potential risks with anchor-based all-inside meniscal repairs. While all-inside techniques have many advantages, including shorter surgical time and reduced risk of damage to neurovascular tissues, potential drawbacks include risks of local soft-tissue irritation and implant migration or breakage. In particular ...
EurekAlert - Fri. Jul 24