Certain Parents More Likely to Skip Kids' Flu Shot
Children who see alternative health providers, such as acupuncturists or massage therapists, are less likely than other kids to get their annual flu shot, a new study suggests. Researchers found that of nearly 9,000 U.S. kids, those who d received certain alternative therapies were one-quarter to 39 percent less likely to have gotten a flu shot in the past year. The findings do not prove a cause-and-effect connection, however. No one knows whether any alte ...
Healthday - Wed. Jun 28
Study Ties Some Migraines to Artery Tears in Neck, Raising Stroke Risk
Some younger adults who suffer migraines may be at risk for tears in their neck arteries, which can increase the chances of a stroke, a new study suggests. Exactly what triggers these vessel tears is not clear, the researchers added. However, study author Dr. Alessandro Pezzini stressed that the probability that migraine sufferers would develop this condition -- called arterial dissection -- is still quite low. Overall, migraine is a benign condition in th ...
Healthday - Wed. Jun 28
'Mindfulness' Probably Won't Cure Your Back Pain: Study
Proponents of mindfulness-based stress reduction claim it can improve relationships, mental health, weight and more. But, one complaint it s unlikely to fix is lower back pain, researchers now say. Lower back pain doesn t respond to the programs, which embrace meditation, heightened self-awareness and exercise, according to a review of seven prior studies. Although short-term improvements were reported, no clinical significance was found in terms of overal ...
Healthday - Wed. Jun 28
Healing Hands: Massage May Ease Chronic Back Pain
Chronic low back pain can be a challenge to treat, but new research suggests that massage therapy may provide some relief. Current medical guidelines actually recommend massage therapy prior to the use of opioid medications for lower back pain, explained William Elder, the study s principle investigator. Yet even with those guidelines, physicians and nurse practitioners are not recommending massage therapy, said Elder. He s with the University of Kentucky ...
Healthday - Wed. Jun 28
Does symmetry matter for speed? Study finds Usain Bolt may have asymmetrical r...
World champion sprinter Usain Bolt may have an asymmetrical running gait, according to data recently presented by researchers from Southern Methodist University, Dallas. While not noticeable to the naked eye, Bolt s potential asymmetry emerged after SMU researchers assessed the running mechanics of the world s fastest man. The analysis thus far suggests that Bolt s mechanics may vary between his left leg to his right, said Andrew Udofa, a biomechanics rese ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Jun 28
Study links immune responses to intestinal microbes with rheumatoid arthritis
In patients with rheumatoid arthritis RA , self-reactive T cell responses cause inflammation and progressive damage to synovial joints. Although genetic risk factors for RA have been identified, environmental causes are also thought to play a role in the onset of RA. Recent work suggests that the disease is initially triggered by immune responses to gut bacteria, but how autoimmunity of intestinal origin plays a role in RA-linked autoimmune responses is un ...
EurekAlert - Tue. Jun 27
What makes stem cells into perfect allrounders
Stem cells are considered biological allrounders because they have the potential to develop into the various body cell types. For the majority of stem cells, however, this designation is too far-reaching. Adult stem cells, for example, can replace cells in their own tissue in case of injury, but a fat stem cell will never generate a nerve or liver cell. Scientists therefore distinguish between multipotent adult stem cells and the actual allrounders - the p ...
EurekAlert - Tue. Jun 27
Pilonidal cyst: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment
A pilonidal cyst develops in the cleft between the buttocks. Just as any other cyst, a pilonidal cyst can become infected and pus-filled.
Medical News Today - Sat. Jun 24
Injury measurement technique helps players get back in the game
A new method of measuring sports-related muscle injury could help provide accurate return-to-play time for athletes. That s the finding of a new study published today in the journal Physiological Measurement . It was led by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya UPC , in collaboration with the medical team at Futbol Club Barcelona. The research explored using localised bioimpedance measurement L-BIA to help quantify the damage to soft tissue structure in ...
EurekAlert - Fri. Jun 23
Review Suggests Safe, Effective Ways to Relieve Pain Without Meds
Popular drug-free methods of managing pain from such common conditions as headaches and arthritis appear to be effective, according to a new review. Millions of Americans seek pain relief through such alternatives as acupuncture, tai chi and yoga. But there has been little information to help doctors make recommendations about these approaches. For many Americans who suffer from chronic pain, medications may not completely relieve pain and can produce unwa ...
Healthday - Wed. Jun 21
For Migraine Sufferers, Is a Chiropractor's Touch All in the Mind?
People with migraines sometimes seek a chiropractor for help, but a small study suggests that any pain relief they get might be a placebo effect. When researchers pitted real chiropractic manipulation against a sham version, they found both were equally likely to ease patients migraine pain. On the other hand, both tactics worked better than patients usual pain-relieving medications. Experts in pain management stressed that no firm conclusions should be dr ...
Healthday - Wed. Jun 21
Six sciatica stretches for pain relief
Sciatica itself is not a condition, but a very uncomfortable symptom of many potential problems in the back, pelvis, and hip.
Medical News Today - Tue. Jun 20