Could Chiropractic Manipulation of Your Neck Trigger a Stroke?
Getting your neck adjusted by a chiropractor or osteopathic doctor may be associated with an increased risk of stroke, according to a scientific statement released Thursday by the American Heart Association. The energetic thrusts and rotations sometimes used in neck manipulation may cause a small tear in the artery walls in the neck, a condition called cervical artery dissection, the statement noted. A tear in the artery wall can result in a stroke if a bl ...
Healthday - Mon. Aug 28
Spondylolisthesis: Causes, symptoms, and treatments
Spondylolisthesis occurs when one of the vertebrae in the spine slips out of position.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
Back pain: Causes, symptoms, and treatments
Back pain is a very common complaint. According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately 80 of all Americans will have low back pain at least once in their lives.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
Acetaminophen 'does not work for lower back pain or osteoarthritis'
Acetaminophen - also known as paracetamol and marketed under brand names such as Mapap, Panadol and Tylenol - is not effective for the treatment of lower back pain and offers little value for osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, according to a study published in The BMJ .
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
The dangers of working in an office
The office here at Medical News Today HQ is a pleasant place to work. It is a largely tranquil place until somebody decides to use the shredder where the tea is plentiful and occasionally a passing dog can be spotted through the window.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
Desk-based employees 'should work standing up'
A group of experts have advised that people working in office environments stand for at least 2 hours a day during working hours, as part of a number of recommendations to protect those engaged with typically sedentary forms of work.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
Prolonged standing at work can cause health problems too
Research on the health risks of prolonged sitting at work have been prominent in the headlines recently. Now, a new study also highlights the hazards of prolonged standing at work.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
High-frequency spinal cord stimulation 'more effective for chronic pain'
According to a study published in the journal Anesthesiology , a new high-frequency form of spinal cord stimulation therapy has the capacity to deliver more effective pain relief without any unwanted side effects.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
Corticosteroid injections may be ineffective for low back pain
People who suffer from low back pain often turn to epidural corticosteroid injections for some relief. According to new research, however, such treatment fails to provide long-term respite, if any.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
Motor control exercise may help lower back pain
Targeting exercises to muscles that support and control the spine may help to reduce pain and disability caused by lower back pain, says research published in the Cochrane Review .
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
Chiropractic: What is chiropractic manipulation?
Chiropractic manipulation, also known as chiropractic adjustment, is a form of alternative medicine. A trained chiropractor applies sudden force to spinal joints to correct structural alignment and improve physical function.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28
Axial spondyloarthritis: Patients see sustained benefit with certolizumab pegol
Researchers are reporting that early rapid improvements in the signs and symptoms of axial spondyloarthritis in patients treated with certolizumab pegol are maintained at 4 years.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 28