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Big differences in US healthcare costs for fixing back pain
Costs for spinal fusion vary substantially by region, with costs being lowest in the Midwest and highest in the Northeast, according to the new research by Dr. W. Ryan Spiker and colleagues of University of Utah, Salt Lake City. They write, This data sheds light on the actual cost of common surgeries throughout the United States, and will allow further progress towards the development of cost effe ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Sep 2
Knee and hip replacements may be bad for the heart
Contrary to recent reports, Boston-based researchers found that osteoarthritis patients who had total knee or hip joint replacement surgery, known as arthroplasty, were at increased risk of heart attack myocardial infarction in the early post-operative period. However, findings published in Arthritis Rheumatology , a journal of the American College of Rheumatology ACR , indicate that long-term ris ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Aug 31
Growth hormone reduces risk of osteoporosis fractures in older women
Washington, DC--For years after it was administered, growth hormone continued to reduce the risk of fractures and helped maintain bone density in postmenopausal women who had osteoporosis, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism . Osteoporosis is a progressive condition that causes the bones to become weak and more likely to break. ...
EurekAlert - Sun. Aug 30
JBJS 'Watch' cites head-neck troubles with modular hip implants
Needham, MA.- JBJS Case Connector , an online case report journal published by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery , has issued a Watch regarding relatively rare but potentially catastrophic complications from failure of modular head-neck prostheses commonly used in hip-replacement surgery. The arthroplasty community currently feels that the advantages gained from modularity in hip implants outw ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Aug 27
Children's hospitals shift from CT scans for common childhood health problems
CINCINNATI - A study published online Aug. 24 by the journal Pediatrics finds a significant decrease in the use of computed tomography CT scans at children s hospitals for 10 common childhood diagnoses including seizure, concussion, appendectomy and upper respiratory tract infection. Alternate types of imaging such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging MRI are being used more frequently for ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Aug 24
New method of closing the incision during scoliosis surgery nearly eliminates ...
NEW YORK, NY - Patients with scoliosis who undergo surgery may be less likely to develop an infection or other complications after the procedure when a novel wound closure technique pioneered at NYU Langone Medical Center is utilized, according to new research. The study was published online this past July in the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics . In this new technique, surgeons use a multilayere ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Aug 20
Oral contraceptives may impact aspects of arthritis in women
New research indicates that use of oral contraceptives may provide benefits for women with inflammatory arthritis. Among 273 women with early inflammatory arthritis, women who had used oral contraceptives in the past and those who were currently using them reported fewer problems related to how well they can function, their mood, and how active their disease is. The findings are published in Arthr ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Aug 19
Research pours cold water on ice bath recovery theory
If the thought of a post workout ice bath is enough to make you shiver, new research from QUT and The University of Queensland UQ will warm your heart. The comprehensive study found cold water immersion after strength training hindered muscle adaptation - pouring cold water on the long-held theory that an ice bath helps speed up recovery. Dr Llion Roberts, from UQ s School of Human Movement and Nu ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Aug 12
Mindfulness meditation may help smokers quit - even those with no willpower
Behavioral training such as mindfulness meditation may be effective at enhancing self-control toward quitting smoking - even for people who have no desire to give up, say experts.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10
Many chronic kidney disease patients 'should take statins'
As chronic kidney disease increases the risk of heart disease, patients with the former are advised to carefully manage their cholesterol levels. Now, researchers reviewing two sets of guidelines for cholesterol management have stated that nearly all people with pre-dialysis kidney disease should receive statins.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10
Yoga comparable with walking, biking to improve cardiovascular risk
Promising new evidence published by the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology finds that yoga may provide the same benefits in risk factor reduction of cardiovascular disease as traditional physical activities.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10
Could meditation reduce brain aging?
It is common knowledge that the brain deteriorates as we age, causing functional impairments. You may be surprised to learn that this process usually begins during mid-to-late-20s. But before you panic, a new study suggests a potential way to reduce such deterioration meditation.
Medical News Today - Mon. Aug 10