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Back pain in pregnancy: Causes, pain relief, and prevention
Along with nausea, fatigue, and swollen feet, most women experience back pain at some points during pregnancy. Pregnancy-related back pain typically affects the lower back.
Medical News Today - Mon. Mar 4
Certain factors linked with higher risk of infection after orthopaedic surgery
In an International Wound Journal study of 4,818 older patients undergoing elective orthopaedic surgeries, five risk factors were linked with an increased risk of developing surgical site infections, including diabetes, morbid obesity, tobacco smoking, prolonged surgical duration, and lower serum albumin levels prior to surgery. Among the 4,818 patients in the study, 74 patients developed surgical ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Mar 4
Insomnia-associated gene regions suggest underlying mechanisms, treatment targ...
An international research team led by investigators from Massachusetts General Hospital MGH and the University of Exeter Medical School has identified 57 gene regions associated with symptoms of insomnia. Their report, which also indicates a causal link between insomnia and coronary artery disease, is receiving advance online publication in Nature Genetics . Our findings confirm a role for genetic ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Mar 4
Study finds ultrasound can assess bone health, increase early screening for os...
CHICAGO--February 25, 2019--In a study that could lead to wide use of inexpensive ultrasound screenings for osteoporosis, researchers found data from ultrasonography of the calcaneus heel bone was equal to data gathered using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry DXA , which is considered the gold standard for assessing bone health. The findings could lead to lower costs and increased screening for pop ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Mar 4
Stem cells provide greater insight into rotator cuff disease
ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Rotator cuff tears are common injuries, and proper healing of the shoulder muscle is often difficult. Chronic tears often result in fat accumulation within the rotator cuff muscles, resulting in negative clinical outcomes, including weakening and atrophy of the muscles, says Manuel Schubert, M.D. , resident in orthopaedic surgery at Michigan Medicine. It s believed that this pro ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Mar 4
Pumping iron could save your life
Osaka, Japan - As far back as Ancient Greece, a sculptured physique has been heralded as the pinnacle of physical perfection. But now, researchers from Japan have found that increased muscle mass doesn t just make you look good, it could literally save your life. In a study published in Scientific Reports , researchers from Osaka University have revealed that sarcopenia, or the loss of skeletal mu ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Mar 4
What is the impact of back pain over time?
Most people struggle with back pain at some point, and its effects on the quality of life can be far-reaching. A new study looks at the outcomes of different types of back pain over time in a representative cohort.
Medical News Today - Mon. Feb 18
Trapezius: Muscle pain, stretches, and home remedies
The trapezius is one of the upper back muscles. It is a large triangular muscle that runs from the occipital bone in the skull to the thoracic spine in the back. It extends to the width of the shoulders.
Medical News Today - Mon. Feb 18
Herniated disk: 6 safe exercises and what to avoid
Gentle exercises, stretches, and activities can all help relieve the pain of a herniated disk. Exercises can also strengthen and improve flexibility in the spine, neck, and back.
Medical News Today - Mon. Feb 18
Braxton-Hicks vs. real contractions: Differences and signs
Real contractions follow a consistent pattern, while Braxton-Hicks contractions vary in duration and frequency. Braxton-Hicks contractions also tend to be less painful and usually only cause discomfort in the front of the abdomen.
Medical News Today - Mon. Feb 18
Chronic pain relief: Mindfulness may be just as good as CBT
New research appearing in the BMJ journal Evidence-Based Mental Health suggests that mindfulness could be a promising alternative to cognitive behavioral therapy for relieving some of the psychological and physical symptoms of chronic pain.
Medical News Today - Mon. Feb 18
Greater efforts needed to address cancer therapies' effects on bone health
A new British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology review examines the impact of cancer therapies on the skeleton and how to limit bone loss and fractures in cancer patients treated with these therapies. The review notes that efforts to limit the effects of cancer therapies on bone have nearly universally employed anti-resorptive agents that reduce bone turnover, and studies have not typically assesse ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Feb 18