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Chiropractors nearSan Jose, CA 95101

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Car Accident Injury Specialist
Back Pain
Jay Ebadat, D.C.
San Jose Chiropractic / South Bay Wellness Center
We offer innovative chiropractic care, acupunturist, massage therapy, nutrition, weight loss program, rehabilitation exercise, spinal decompression, We treat all ages, lower back pain, neck pain, tension headache, migrain headache, shoulder and knee injuries, lower back pain during pregnancy, TMJ problem, car accident and work related injuries, sports injury.
San Jose, CA 95129
8.4 miles away
Chiropractic Care for your Whole Family
Total Health Clinic | Dr. Phillip Dietrich
At Total Health Clinic we offer top quality Chiropractic Care that's affordable for the whole family as well variety of services to assist your neck pain, upper back pain and Lower back pain. With Short Term Care available for your Neck and Back pain. You can be seen today, Walk in's are Welcome, we accept M.D. Referrals; our goal is to achieve outstanding result
South San Francisco, CA 94080
35 miles away
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Key Chiropractic & Wellness Centers Milpitas
Key Chiropractic & Wellness Centers
My practice focuses on a multi-method approach to restoring balance, function, postural balance, and flexibility to the nervous system. Over 22 years experience allow me to pinpoint and detect where spinal dysfunction exists. A computerized spinal and posture exam is incorporated in the initial exam and follow up exams to help determine individual patient needs. A typ
Milpitas, CA 95035
3.2 miles away
Seeking Professional, Effective, Chiropractic Services?
Over 7 Years of Experience in Treating Injuries of All Types
Dhanish Patel, D.C.
Milpitas Spine Center
Welcome ToMilpitasSpine Online A Unique, No Pressure, Clinic Providing the Finest Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage, and Nutritional methods to help patients relieve pain while forming an optimum level of Health & Wellness. Here, our services are catered to those individuals who have aches, pain, stifness, tightness, repetitive motion injuries, headaches, los
Milpitas, CA 95035
3.2 miles away
Milpitas Spine, Doctor of Chiropractic
Chiropractic Care Specialist
Contrary to popular belief, a herniated disc does not automatically mean that you are going to suffer from low back pain. In fact, one study found that almost half of all adults had at least one bulging or herniated disc, even though they did not suffer any back pain from it. On the other hand, herniated discs can be a source of intense and debilitating pain that freq
Milpitas, CA 95035
3.2 miles away
Binh Huu Do, DC
We specialize in the treatment of auto accident and personal injuries, sport injuries, and other common chiropractic problems such as backaches, neck pain, and headaches. We also provide nutritional, diet and fitness counseling. We accept most health care plan and liens from attorney. Our Clinic is committed to delivering the highest quality chiropractic car
San Jose, CA 95148
6.7 miles away
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Natural Healing Without Drugs
Kathy My Nguyen Chiropractic
For chiropractic in San Jose, you’ve come to the right place. A quality chiropractor is at your fingertips with a visit to Kathy My Nguyen Chiropractic. Our office specialize in all aspects of care, including the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and chronic pain of the spine, shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist/hand, foot disorders, disc herniation, sciatica, nerve dam
San Jose, CA 95121
7.2 miles away
A chiropractor in Pleasanton, California
Intero Chiropractic
Intero Chiropractic In Pleasanton, CA
Intero Chiropractic is a structural chiropractic health center located at 4847 Hopyard Rd, #1, Pleasanton, California 94588. As chiropractors, our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to resolving problems related to structural abnormalities in the spine and nervous system, to allow your body to work at its highest capacity. We are proud to serve patients
Pleasanton, CA 94588
20.6 miles away
We Listen...We Care... We Get Results!
Jonathan J. Widenbaum, D.C.
Widenbaum Chiropractic & Nutritional Wellness Center
Located in Dublin, California, the chiropractors at Widenbaum Chiropractic and Allergy Relief Center are passionate about getting you well. We have had the pleasure of serving Dublin, San Ramon, Pleasanton, and the surrounding Tri-Valley area for the last 20 years. Dr. Jon Widenbaum and his team of chiropractors, massage therapists, allergy specialists and chiropracti
Dublin, CA 94568
22.6 miles away
Dr. Vanessa Wulff is the owner of
Dublin Family Chiropractic
Dublin Family Chiropractic
The NUCCA Process Upper cervical chiropractic is a specialty within the broader field of chiropractic that focuses on the top two bones of the neck — the upper cervical vertebrae. NUCCA is a gentle form of upper cervical care designed to correct the entire spine into a balanced, unstressed position; and focuses on a permanent correction. Why is the upper cervi
Dublin, CA 94568
22.6 miles away
Committed to Helping You Get Well and Stay Well
Cassandra Mason, DC
Cassandra Mason, DC: A Wellness Center
Committed to helping people get well and staying well. Offering our patients complete wellness plans, that incorporate the Chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue therapy, nutrition, exercise and ergonomic recommendations. Gentle low force adjustments, using Activator Methods and Neuromechanical Instrument Adjusting Techniques. Nutritional recommendations to support y
San Mateo, CA 94402
26.5 miles away
Connecting You with Your Health
Lifestyle Science and You
Peter Thibodeau, DC
Thibodeau Chiropractic
I am a third generation chiropractor and hold the diplomate status in Chiropractic Neurology. We have a busy family practice and teach the science of lifestyles. Many of our patients suffer from chronic illnesses; therefore, we provide the education necessary to become more healthy. We also provide outside speaking programs for industry, civic clubs and family
Soquel, CA 95073
26.9 miles away
Home Health Care & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic
House Call Chiropractors
A family practice chiropractic clinic delivered to you. Trained in the latest chiropractic techniques from Palmer West including Graston, rehab, and physiotherapy. Post graduate training in trigger point therapy. Board Certified and Licensed in Pennsylvania and California. No exposure to needless x-ray radiation! Schedule when you want and where you want. Avail
Aptos, CA 95003
28.4 miles away
Move Better, Feel Better!
Functional Movement & Chiropractic
Functional Movement, designed and developed by a physical therapist, has become mainstream in professional sports. Within the past 10 years Functional Movement Analysis has been used in the general, non-athlete population for rehab. Now it is available in the Monterey Bay Area for the first time for both the athlete and non-athlete. Combined with chiropractic and you
Aptos, CA 95003
28.4 miles away
We Offer Vax-D Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.
Spine, Sports, Automobile and Work Related Injuries.
Rommel Hindocha, D.C. QME
Peninsula Spine & Sports Rehabilitation
Dr. Rommel Hindocha, Chiropractor, practices in Burlingame. Dr. Hindocha's services include: Chiropractic therapy, non-surgical VAX-D Spinal Decompression therapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy and rehabilitation of spine and sports related injuries. We also offer 1 hour and 1.5 hour massage therapy sessions. Dr. Hindocha's practice focus includes: acute and chro
Burlingame, CA 94010
29 miles away
Pain & Injury Center Of Monterey Bay
At the Pain & Injury Center we treat the whole family from infants to senior citizens. We recommend that you bring in your newborns to have their spine checked because birth is stressful for the baby as well as the mother. While we are on the subject of childbirth, mothers that get regular adjustments during pregnancy have found that labor is shortened and easier.
Watsonville, CA 95076
33.2 miles away
Feel great. Do great. Be great.
Dr. Tanaka
Dr. Tanaka Chiropractic & Performance Care specializes in sport injuries, performance optimization, diet/nutritional counseling and neurological rehabilitation. As a licensed chiropractor and board certified chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Tanaka has an extensive amount of experience working with people suffering from headaches, vertigo, post concussional symptoms, auto
Oakland, CA 94612
35.6 miles away
Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Advance Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Upper Cervical Care is a specialized form of chiropractic that helps people with chronic health conditions get their life back without drugs or surgery. While the care revolves strategically around the head/neck alignment, the effects in the body are global in its scope.The most common conditions that respond to Upper Cervical Care are: Migraine Headaches, Neck Pain,
Chiropractic Center
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
36.8 miles away
Your East San Francisco Bay Sports and Family Chiropractor
Supporting Your Body from Toes to Nose
Kevin M. Wong, B.S., D.C.
Orinda Chiropractic Center
My office is centered around delivering top notch, highly personalized patient service and care. Dr. Kevin havs been trained in multiple types of Chiropractic techniques and office treatment procedures to make your visits to the office comfortable and effective. He will tailor a specialized treatment plan to the health condition(s) you have. Dr. Kevin is an expe
Orinda, CA 94563
37.2 miles away
Health for You
Igor Sklovskiy, D.C.
Real People Health
We are a Chiropractic and Massage Therapy office practicing in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We specialize in restoring the natural ability of the human body to control all physiological processes within itself. Chiropractic enhances processes such as: sleeping patterns,cardio-vascular diseases, and the endocrine, digestive and immune systems in our bodies. REA
San Francisco, CA 94102
39.6 miles away
In-Depth Personalized Service
Laurie Wonnell, D.C.
I offer personal and in-depth service, examining and adjusting the full spine and all joints--shoulders, knees, feet, elbows, etc. I also release tight muscles and perform deep tissue massage. I use Diversified, drop table, and Activator as my main chiropractic techniques, with a hands-on focus. I give my patients exercises to strengthen weak areas and to help p
Berkeley, CA 94710
39.9 miles away
We Offer Vax-D Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.
Spine, Sports, Automobile and Work Related Injuries.
Rommel Hindocha, D.C. QME
Peninsula Spine & Sports Rehabilitation
Dr. Rommel Hindocha, Chiropractor, practices in Burlingame. Dr. Hindocha's services include: Chiropractic therapy, non-surgical VAX-D Spinal Decompression therapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy and rehabilitation of spine and sports related injuries. We also offer 1 hour and 1.5 hour massage therapy sessions. Dr. Hindocha's practice focus includes: acute and chro
San Francisco, CA 94109
40.2 miles away
Charlie Prins, D.C.
Prins Chiropractic
At birth we are born perfect, that is all muscles are completely balanced, all nerves are normal, and all organs and tissues function at 100 %. As a result of this, we also have perfect posture with level hips, shoulders, and a level head. This is present until we are subject to some type of stress beyond what our body can adapt to. It is important to mention tha
Albany, CA 94706
41.1 miles away
Feel Better With Chiropractic Care! In practice 20 years.
Dr. Brian Kerner, DC, QME
Kerner Chiropractic Center
We welcome you to Kerner Chiropractic Center and can often provide you with a same day appointment. Our goal is to determine the source of your health problem, get you out of pain, and back to an active lifestyle. Dr. Brian Kerner provides his patients with the highest quality chiropractic care available. Dr. Kerner utilizes modern and up to date therapi
San Francisco, CA 94123
41.2 miles away
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Never Met a Headache I Couldn't Help
Michael Patrick, D.C.
Back to Health Medical Center
I have been in practice for 23 years. I have a sub-specialty of headache relief. I am also proficient in the treatment of auto accidents and sports injuries. I have personal interest in treating low back pain as a result of disc bulges and herniations, using distraction therapy and cold laser. I offer free consultations and free finance is available.
Concord, CA 94520
41.7 miles away
Advanced Chiropractic Wellness and Injury Care
Gentle Adjusting Techniques, NET Practitioner
Ronald Tveitmoe, D.C.
Pinole Wellness Center
I have been in practice in Pinole for 23 years and being a Palmer graduate, I combine traditional methods with cutting edge technologies and techniques to cover the bases in identifying and treating the stressors causing pain and poor health. We seek to provide safe personalize care that results in effective results while being sensitive to financial hardships.
Pinole, CA 94564
47.3 miles away
B. Scot DeVoss, D.C.
DeVoss Chiropractic Clinic
B. Scot DeVoss, D.C., is a chiropractor located in Sunnyvale, CA. Techniques: • Diversified • Gonstead • Applied Kinesiology • Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique • Motion Analysis (Palpation) • Manual Adjusting • Nutritional Response Testing NRT • Geriatrics Specialties: • Whiplash • Extremities • All
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
7.5 miles away
Laurence R Adams, D.C.
Laurence R Adams Chiropractic Clinic
Laurence R Adams, D.C., is a chiropractor located in San Jose, CA. Techniques: • Activator Methods • Applied Kinesiology • Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique • Cox • Diversified • Sacro Occipital Technique • Carrick • Neuro-Emotional Specialties: • Extremities • Laser Treatments • Shoe Orthotics &bull
San Jose, CA 95138
11.6 miles away
Patricia Rupert D..C., L.Ac., D.C.
Dr. Patricia Rupert D.C., L.Ac.
Patricia Rupert D..C., L.Ac., D.C., is a chiropractor located in Los Altos, CA. Techniques: • Cox • Thompson • Acupuncture • Arthrostim • Gua Sha • cupping Specialties: • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Certified Blood Analysis • Extremities • Full Spine • Holistic Care • Laser Treatments • Low Force &b
Los Altos, CA 94022
13 miles away
Mark A Heltemes, D.C.
Pride Chiropractic
Mark A Heltemes, D.C., is a chiropractor located in Oakland, CA. Techniques: • Palmer Package • Spinal Biophysics • Pettibon • Leander • Hole in One • Diversified • Soft Tissue Rehabilitation • Excercise and Home Care Specialties: • Ergonomics • Exercise • Fitness • Extremities • Family Practice
Oakland, CA 94618
36.8 miles away
Gilbert and Stacy Jackson, D.C.
Jackson Chiropractic
Gilbert and Stacy Jackson, D.C., is a chiropractor located in Lafayette, CA. Techniques: • Diversified • Neuromuscular Reeducation Specialties: • Deep Muscle • Exercise • Fitness • Temporomandibular Joint • Ergonomics • Posture Training • Low Force • Headaches • Head Neck and Shoulder Pain Other Service
Lafayette, CA 94549
37 miles away
Joseph R Ball, D.C.
Joseph Ball, D.C.
Joseph R Ball, D.C., is a chiropractor located in El Cerrito, CA. Techniques: • Pierce • Atlas Orthogonal • Flexion-Distraction • Diversified • Thompson • Upper Cervical Specialties: • Extremities • Full Spine Other Services: • Massage Therapy Insurance Accepted: • Work Comp • Auto • Major Med
El Cerrito, CA 94530
42.7 miles away