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Orlando Chiropractor offers Treatment that stands up.
Rest assured, you’ll be assured rest !!
Dr. David Nahali, D.C.
Orlando Spinal Aid Center
Our Commitment...... When your care is under the direction of Orlando Chiropractor, Dr. David Nahali, it is all about the patient! We strive to create valuable and lasting relationships with those that honor us with the privilege of caring for their most prized possession, their health. If you have "tried everything" and still suffering from neck and back pain th
Orlando, FL 32825
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Chiropractor in Orlando
Graham Chiropractic
Dr. Graham was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began his undergraduate studies at Temple University in Philadelphia and continued his studies at Life Chiropractic College where he received both a bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Graham is trained in a variety of the most up-to-date natural, drug free
Orlando, FL 32819
Would you like to be out of Pain?
John Mccarthy, DC
Clinical Business Strategies, Inc.
“…..disability due to pain being the most consistently associated variable.” Eur Spine J. 2014 Oct 8. [Epub ahead of print] Patients' expectations of lumbar spine surgery. Mancuso CA1, Duculan R, Stal M, Girardi FP Clinical Business Strategies, Inc.; clinical outcome study: includes the patient’s perception of their pain. We have been able to consistently elimin
Orlando, FL 32806