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Dr. Jason Jumper of Renew Chiropractic Treats Injuries Auto Accidents in Lakewood,

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Dr. Jason Jumper

Dr. Jason Jumper of Renew Chiropractic Treats Injuries Sustained During Auto Accidents in Lakewood, CO

When you are involved in an auto accident, it is sometimes too easy to ignore your physical pain as you deal with the stress of contacting your insurance, taking your car to be repaired and possibly missing work. However, seeking medical attention should always be a priority after an accident. Whether you feel intense pain or not, seeing a chiropractor will help you restore your health and prevent injuries from occurring in the future. In Lakewood, CO, Dr. Jason Jumper of Renew Chiropractic is a chiropractor that can help you work your way back toward normalcy.

Auto accidents can definitely shake bodies up, and it is very likely that misalignment, subluxation or injury resulted from yours. When the body is jerked forward and backward quickly, whiplash, misalignment of the spine and tears to ligaments can occur, and if they are left untreated, these injuries can turn into chronic pain or lead to a worse injury down the line.

In addition to pain, the misalignment of your spine can also lead to a loss of mobility, especially if you’re older. However, chiropractic care from Dr. Jumper can reduce your pain and increase mobility after an accident. By correcting your alignment and treating the root cause of your injuries, the doctor can treat any injury and restore your body’s overall health.

Car accidents are never planned, but by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Jason Jumper of Renew Chiropractic, you can restore your health and regain some normalcy. To schedule an appointment in Lakewood, CO, call us.