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New Service Option

We are pleased to announce a new option for services in our office. This will be an abbreviated, adjusting only, visit for $35.00. Unlike our standard visit, there will be minimal soft tissue therapy, health coaching, exercise instruction and extremity adjusting. We feel this is a perfect way for our patients to receive the wellness and maintenance care they need, without the “extras” when the extras are not needed or desired.
Additionally, at only $35, it may be more affordable between those times when you really do need the additional service received during our standard appointment. This is also an excellent choice for your children’s care, once we establish them as patients and determine their care needs. This option should be chosen when all you need or want is a quick, basic tune-up.
Here is a list of key points:

+ full spinal adjustments for maintenance or wellness care (symptoms, aches, pain may or may not be present)
+ minimal adjustments to extremities (ribs, hands, shoulders, knees, feet, etc.)
+ in and out of the office in about 15 minutes!
+ no insurance billing for this type of visit
+ our standard full-service office visit will continue to be an option and approximately 30 minutes long.

These abbreviated appointments will be offered during select blocks of time during the week as follows:
Tuesday afternoons, Friday midday, and Saturday mornings

These days and times are on a trial basis until we can determine the needs and preferences of our patients.
Your feedback and input is welcome!