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Chiropractic Care: a Solution for Migraines

The remedy for a migraine eludes most people despite the many years of suffering, until they are introduced to chiropractic care. A migraine is described as an incapacitating condition that is characterized by a throbbing headache, which occurs in episodes that lasts from several hours to 3 days.

According to the World Health Organization, 10% of the world's adult population suffers from migraines and it accounts for over 2% of years lost as a result of disability globally. Close to 40 million people have migraines with at least three million of them suffering from chronic migraine in the United States alone. In addition, over 90% of migraine sufferers miss work or cannot attend function during an attack. These figures are staggering and they indicate the imminent threat migraines pose to individuals and the economy in general. Therefore, it makes sense for people to embrace the answer for migraines; chiropractic care.

How Does Our Office Treat Migraines?

For those who know the pain, stress and cost of dealing with a migraine for years on end without success, they find it hard to believe that their migraine can be cured by simple and drug free solutions.

People with chronic migraines have been victims of empty medical promises for so long they become wary of anything or anyone suggesting that migraines are treatable. What they do not know is that the main cause of their migraines is a misalignment of their upper cervical spine, which can effectively and efficiently be readjusted through chiropractic care, resulting in recovery from migraine.

To treat a migraine, we focus on what other traditional migraine treatments do not; the underlying cause of a migraine. The most common cause of migraines is neck muscle tension. In our office, the muscle tension is eliminated by combining different chiropractic migraine treatments including cervical spine adjustments, trigger point therapy, and acupuncture.

Some of the other causes of migraines that chiropractic care treatment identifies and rectifies include stiff necks, tension in the shoulders, tension in the lower or upper back and even postural misalignment. Once the underlying causes are located and dealt with, the occurrences of migraines are greatly reduced and in most instances, stopped.

Is Chiropractic Care Really Better Than Other Migraine Remedies?

Debates have been raging on for years about the effectiveness and safety of chiropractic care in dealing with various health problems including migraines. Recent studies have brought the debate to a close. According to studies conducted to examine the ability of chiropractic care to treat migraines, chiropractic care is the most effective, safest and most efficient in providing long term benefits with the least number of side effects compared to other remedies.

The results of the study were obtained by comparing two different groups of people suffering from headaches. The two groups had to undergo six weeks of traditional medication and chiropractic treatment respectively.

Conclusively, chiropractic care relieved the subjects migraines.