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Brain Hemispheres

Each side of the brain is called a hemisphere ("hemi" means half). We each have a right and left hemisphere. These two hemispheres are hooked together by a neurological bridge called the corpus callosum.

While there are certain similarities and overlapping functions between both sides of the brain, a good way to understand overall brain function is to view each half of the brain as a separate computer…almost like two different organs. Basically we have two separate brains that are “networked” together.

Hemisphere Functions:

***Left Brain*** ***Right Brain***
Linear thinking Abstract thinking
Action Thinking
Motivation Fear
Increase Dopamine Increase Serotonin
Increase Testosterone Increase Estrogen
Increase Parasympathetics Increase Sympathetics
Increase Immune function Decrease Immune function
Speech & language Nonverbal Communication
Logic & reason Creativity
Lack of emotion Very emotional/Limbic
Attention to detail Big picture
AV node of heart (rhythm) SA node of heart (rate)
Fine motor control Gross motor control
Happy brain Negative behavior

As you can see, for the most part, both hemispheres can have contrasting functions. One of the major keys to optimum, health, vitality, longevity, and peak performance is hemispheric balance…proper integration and synchronization of the brain.

That’s why our office motto is:

Balanced Brain ----- Balanced Body ----- Balanced Mind