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40% of the population is obese. It is my estimation of the remaining 60% only 5% of the population is fit or at least trying to be fit. 5% seems like a gloom and doom number but if the gyms seem full and the parks with people running, blading, hiking, biking and the few people at home who are trying to use their ellipticals and treadmills seem like a large number then divide that number of a particular city who work out into the number of houses, apartments etc and the number of people who live in them and you will get a gloomy number. It may be less than my estimate.

So what's the point? If we are worried about health care and the state of the economy, the best way to fix it is to be proactive and be your own health care instead of worrying about who is going to pay for you when you are sick. I am not asking you to become professional athletes. Just do something. I was reading my wife's magazine and there was a story of a woman who was morbidly obese who was so frustrated she could not do anything with her children. She began walking as she was crying and then walked further and than began to run and run further and now she is doing 10k's and half marathons. If you think I am telling you this to inspire; you are right. You don't have to be superhero or athlete. Just do something so your children are not embarrassed to have you meet their friends. The best national health care plan is for us as a nation to be actively involved in gaining health.