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Food for Your Cells


Today I would like to remind you about importance of oxygen in our life. Of all elements on Earth, none is more important than oxygen. We can live without food a few weeks, without water –a few days, but we can live without oxygen just a few minutes. Our body uses oxygen to metabolize food and eliminate toxins. The ability to move, think, eat, talk depends on oxygen. Unfortunately, industrial revolution decreased level of oxygen in atmosphere, but our body was not designed to live in such environment. To make things worse, different multiple environmental toxins created day by day high level of oxidative stress in our bodies, forming multiple free radicals, positively charged atom of oxygen is the most common. Free radicals –molecules with one unpaired electron, they have been working on getting another electron to become stable. They bombard different healthy molecules and convert them into free radicals- this is a vicious circle called oxidative stress which associated with degenerative diseases, cancer and aging.
There is very versatile supplement, called Cellfood which made using “water splitting technology”, the same technology that was used in development of hydrogen bomb. This technology and later Cellfood was created by the same scientist, his name is Everett Storey. After the Second Word War, Storey and his colleagues were dying of radiation poisoning resulting from their exposure to harmful radiation. It was time when Everett Storey developed the blueprint for Cellfood. He used the same water-splitting technology by utilizing hydrogen’s non-radioactive isotope-deuterium and a full blend of trace minerals enzymes and amino-acids. This solution was releasing vital oxygen and hydrogen into the blood stream, removing toxins and rebuilding the systems. Oxygen therapy was created and based on ability of deuterium ions to sustain catalytic reaction in which our internal water was dissociated into hydrogen and oxygen. Everett Corey saved his own life and his colleagues and was in excellent health almost until 80.
Cellfood contains 78 trace minerals, 34 enzymes and 17 amino-acids, plus-hydrogen and oxygen that are essential for body’s biochemical reactions. Cellfood not only gives our body oxygen, it eliminates positively charged oxygen-free radical by association of 2 oxygen atoms ( one –free radical, another one- from deuterium) , so it works as free radicals scavenger!
What Cellfood does:
Cellfood aids in digestive process, it cleans small and large intestine and restores normal bowel function.
Cellfood delivers to every cell a minimum of 78 elements that can be easily assimilated for complete, direct and quick nutrition.
Cellfood provides a steady flow of both oxygen and hydrogen to all parts of the body, thus effecting the impossible achievement of simultaneous nourishment and elimination within every cell.
Minerals, especially trace minerals are very important for human body functions. Trace minerals are life sustaining, but unfortunately they are almost absent in our crops due to the absence in the soil.
Cellfood is a highly concentrated formulation containing 78 colloidal trace minerals (34 from fossilized plant from virgin earth, and 44 from the clean Southern seas surrounding New Zealand, combined with 34 enzymes, 17 amino-acids and dissolved oxygen-all suspended in a solution of Deuterium Sulfate.
Al elements in Cellfood are natural substances in ionic and colloidal form-they are very small.
Because most bodily fluids are colloidal (like blood and lymph), the body perceives Cellfood as normal body fluid and allows the nutrients in Cellfood to pass immediately though the cell membranes of the mouth, throat and esophagus directly into bloodstream. The bioavailability of Cellfood is very high.
When we speak about a balancing a person, we refer to all the systems including: physical, electrical, chemical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Cellfood works at the physical level by providing the body with essential minerals for the constitution of the physical body, it works on electrical level by increasing the vibrational frequencies of all the body organs, boosting the immune system and enabling the nervous system to function more effectively, it works on the chemical level by supplying amino acids to the body for building proteins.
It is very simple to take Cellfood: mix 8 drops of it with cup of water or juice, take it 3 times a day, or 12 drops in the morning and 12 drops in the early evening.
I personally use it, we have Cellfood in the office, free book with all information about Cellfood available.
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Dr. Natalie