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Adrenal Reset Diet



As we live longer, weight seems easier to gain and much harder to lose. And this is considered as a normal part of aging-but it is not, according to Dr. Alan Cristianson, author of the new book The Adrenal reset Diet. He says , that weight gain in middle age or later is a sign of disrupted rhythm of cortisol, the stress hormone made by adrenal gland, causing food to be mostly stored as harmful belly fat instead of being used to generate the energy. Cortisol level should be highest in the morning and then it should gradually decline to the evening , making possible good night sleep.
But over the years the cumulative effect of poor diet, constant stress, environmental pollutants, lack of exercises disrupts this normal daily rhythm, promoting weight gain and preventing weight loss. Malfunctioning adrenal gland leads to chronic state of fatigue, low sex drive, memory problems, and weight gain. Though years of research Dr. Cristianson found a simple way to reset faulty adrenal rhythm , unblock weight loss and enhance well-being.
In a study in his clinic participants on Adrenal reset Diet reduced their cortisol levels by more then 50% while losing an average 2 inches from their waists and 9 pounds in 30 days. They reported sleeping better, being calmer and having more energy.
The adrenal gland makes cortisol and weaker hormone-cortisone, which is held as reserve if we need it in case of stress. When we are under the stress, liver and brain convert cortisone to stronger cortisol. The normal balance of cortisol and cortisone regulates our sleep and wake cycle.
In the evening, decreased cortisol levels enable melatonin to be generated for restful sleep.
But, visceral fat around organs creates an imbalance in this process because it constantly converts weaker cortisone to stronger cortisol, regardless of the time of the day and degree of stress we have.
And this automatically increases the conversion of food to fat, rather then energy.
The more visceral fat someone has, the more the rhythm of their fat is disconnected from the rhythm of their body. But you can use food to repair that rhythm.

The secret is this: eat the least amount of carbs and generous amount of protein at breakfast.
Eat a bit more carbs at lunch and the largest amount at dinner.
Protein should be a part of each meal: always a palm-size portion. Adrenal Reset Diet does not include much of starch. So, potatoes, white rice -out. However, it does allow unlimited amount of other vegetables. Protein sources are low mercury fish and seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, better organic. On Adrenal Reset Diet you can eat: asparagus, artichokes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, ginger, green beans and other beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, leeks, peas, squash.
At breakfast you can use leftovers form yesterday's dinner, or use smoothy with protein powder.
At lunch you can have palm size protein of your choice and big salad. At dinner -1 cup of cooked brown rice, protein and some vegetables.
Use fruit as a desert, but fruits are limited on this diet because they have a lot of sugar, if you want more the 3/week, use low sugar fruits, which are mostly apples, and berries.

Simply walking or doing some other type of regular exercises help to reset adrenal gland. Dr. Cristianson recommends one long, but low intensity , 2 ½ hour exercise session per week, which can be just bike ride or walk.
If you really want to get rid of your stubborn belly fat and have energy during the day, if you want to sleep better and enjoy your life, give it a try!
Adrenal Reset Diet will be more successful in combination with whole food supplements, we can help you to determine which supplements you need. Many patients from my practice are on adrenal support programs, which are individual and effective. Call me with your questions, first consultation is free.

Natalie Mitlyansky D.C.,N.D.