Natalie Mitlyansky, DC, ND, MD | Article

Neck and Upper Back Pain

Neck and upper back pain are common conditions, probably everybody has experienced it at some point in their life.
Neck and upper back pain may be caused by car accidents ( whiplash injury), sport injury, in these cases pain will be result of disk bulging, protrusion, muscle strain and ligaments sprain. Neck pain also may be caused by faulty sleeping positions, osteoarthritis formation, but most commonly it caused by incorrect sitting in front of computer-incorrect posture.
In all these situations, muscle strains and ligaments sprains, misplaced vertebrae-(subluxations) create nerve root compression which will produce pain. Pain may be local- at the site of damage or subluxation, pain may be referred-from the site of existing pathology to the head, arms, hands, to different fingers.
Patients after car accidents and sport injury usually experience sharp neck pain because of muscle spasm, they are afraid to move their neck because of this pain, they often experience difficulty in sleep and concentration, HA’s, blurred vision that usually fades away in several days. Later they may have pain radiating down the arm, numbness of fingers, in longstanding cases of cervical disk problems-weakness of the hand due to nerve compression.
Existing scientific data confirms effectiveness of spinal manipulation in patients with neck and upper back pain, but this issue always gives rise to concerns about possibility of vertebral artery damage. Your chiropractor should screen you for the possible” red flags”- symptoms that will help him to correctly avaluate you and make right decision regarding manipulation.
Sometimes, pain in the neck and upper back caused by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome-TOS, this condition results from the compression of brachial plexus between first rib, cervical rib, clavicle and scalene muscles. TOS may be caused by trauma, predisposing conditions are: rounded shoulders, cervical rib, tight scalene and pectorals muscles. Patients with TOS will present more nerve related complains, such as numbness, pain in the hand,
fingers, arm.
I strongly believe in complex, holistic approach to the treatment, that is why I use different methods for the treatment patients with neck and upper back pain in my office.
I do not adjust neck by hands, I use arthrostim, which is completely safe adjusting instrument and use KST-Koren Specific Technique. KST gives me ability to adjust any joint in the body, not only spine with great precision and without any possibility of damage to the tissue. Beside this, I use EMS-for muscle relaxation, homeopathy-to turn on self healing, acupuncture without needles –to normalize flow of energy, reduce pain and enhance healing. I always try to do NRT-Nutrition Response Testing in order to determine their nutritional needs and give them more vitamins and minerals to facilitate healing and speed recovery. I use only whole food supplements from Standard process and Mediherb companies, whole foods means that those supplements made from whole goodness created by Nature- with ability to enhance effect of each other. This holistic approach gives good results, my patients with neck and upper back pain usually treated with success. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please give me a call, I will be happy to help you.

Dr. Natalie