Natalie Mitlyansky, DC, ND, MD

Cooling Your Chronic Inflammation

Today I would like to talk about chronic inflammation, why we have it, what can be done to stop it.

As I explained in previous newsletters, we live in contemporary world and everyday life is full of different types of stress. We constantly are under influence of environmental stress, emotional stress, physical stress, physiological stress. As result membranes of our cells bombarded by different substances, it may be toxins from the water, air, food, allergens from food and environment, our own free radicals that our body manufactures in response to environment , infections– bacterial, fungal, spirochetal. All membranes consist of the double layer of fats and when those fats bombarded, they produce a lot of different inflammatory messengers that go to the blood stream. These messengers can go now to different tissues and organs and will set up stage for the invisible, chronic inflammation.
Depending on the location of this chronic inflammation, we will see different manifestation: if chronic inflammation took place in the brain – Alhzeimer’disease, in pancreas-Diabetes type 2, in blood vessel walls-plaque formation and development of cardio-vascular diseases.


1. We have to try to diminish effect of environmental toxins on our body. It can be done by putting filters for water; depending on your budget you will find different filters and it will benefit your health tremendously. Beside this, try to grab some fresh air, develop a habit of walking 3 times /week or even more if it is possible.
It is very important to avoid as much as you can sources of radiation such as
microwaves, cell phones, old TV, excessive amount of sun radiation.

2. Regular exercises are great for increasing your metabolism, taking away muscle tiredness, increasing joints mobility, soft tissue flexibility and developing endurance, enhancing balance- all these will help you to prevent future injuries that are not uncommon with age. Even just regular walking will give you good results- there is scientific data confirming benefits of bilateral stimulation of brain which happens when you walk, when you tap on both knees or shoulders.

3. The most difficult thing to do is to stop aggravating your body with allergies –seasonal and food allergies. I use ALGAT test to identify multiple food, environmental, seasonal allergies and NAET – Allergy Elimination Technique to treat them (see patients testimonies on my website: www.drmitlyansky.com).
As soon as allergies are identified you have to avoid them for some period of time, treat them and then gradually introduce these foods in to your diet under supervision of your doctor. Why it is so important? Untreated allergies irritate walls of stomach and small intestine, set up stage for the chronic inflammation, stimulate antibody production and allergic reaction as a way of body defense.

4. The typical American diet is probably the main source of chronic inflammation in the body. Why? Because we eat too much salt and too much sugar in our diet. There is an epidemic of obesity in the USA, or as Dr. Hyman said it is “DIABESITY” Epidemic. Obesity and Diabetes type 2 are on the rise –as a result of consuming huge amounts of sugary, processed foods. These foods will not give you necessary vitamins, minerals. But sugar will force your body to produce a lot of insulin which increase your cortisol and chronic inflammation.

5. We need sugar but in much smaller quantities, we need good food that will give us all that we need: GOOD QUALITY PROTEINS as a building blocks for our hormones, cells, antibodies, we need COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES for the energy production and fiber content, we need GOOD FATS for stress and sex hormones, for the nerve covering myelin membrane, cell membranes, and for our brain function.
We need vitamins, not synthetic, but vitamins from whole foods in combination with minerals, everything that Mother Nature put in the fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole fat milk will be used by our body with great results.
The best way to help yourself to eat properly is to eat low glycemic LOAD food, I do not like diets, it is deprivation, but if you understand why and what you have to eat-life will be easier! It is not diet- it is lifestyle which enable you to live healthier and happier life.
The glycemic load represents the percentage a typical helping of each food raises blood sugar level compared with that of one slice of white bread. At the end of this newsletter you will see table of different foods glycemic load.

To stop your body from overproducing insulin your daily total should be less then 500. Generally speaking, individual foods with ranking 100 is OK, but if you have diabetes or family history of diabetes it is better to keep it low.

I put some most common foods glycemic loads in the table, but the culprit is: all foods with glycemic load more then 100- mostly starches- rice, potatoes, grains and soft drinks.
Dr. R. Thompson, MD in his book recommends to avoid all starchy foods if you can, but even easier: do not eat more then a third of serving of potatoes, flour products, soft drinks and fruit juices. Otherwise, eat everything you want after that! Why? Because it is not enough starch and sugar in your food after that to cause your blood sugar go up. This program will be probably the easiest and most successful program for weigh loss! But your blood vessels will appreciate it even more- chronic inflammation in the blood vessels walls is a source of plaque formation and developing of cardio-vascular disease. There are some supplements that can be helpful, they will calm down chronic inflammation:

Omega-3, Cod Liver Oil, Vitanox, Herbavital, Pycnogenol, Green tea Extract, Tumeric, Congaplex, OPC , Boswelia and some others that I will discuss in the next newsletter. All these supplements are made from Whole Foods and have been very successful in treatment of chronic inflammation.
I use NRT-Nutrition Response Testing to find out which supplements and which dosage needed for my patients, all recommendations done on individual basis.

Glycemic load of common foods

Pancake-346 Bagel-340 White rice-283
Baked potato-246 Raisin bran-227 Brown rice-222
French fries-219 Coca cola-218 Humburger-213
English muffin-208 Doughnut-205 Macaroni 1c -181
Corn on the cob-171 Spaghetti 1c-166 Blueberry muffin-169
Chocolate cake-154 Orange juice-119 Cookie-114
White bread-100 Banana-85 All bran-85
Tortilla wheat-80 Apple-78 Orange-71
Pinto beans ½ c -57 Pear-57 Pineapple-50
Peach-47 Grapes 1c-47 Kidney beans ½ c -40
Grapefruit-32 Table sugar 1tsp-28 Whole milk 1c-28
Peas 1/4c-16 Tomato-15 Strawberries1c -13
Carrot raw-11 Peanuts 1/4c-7 Spinach 1c <15
Lettuce 1c <15 Pork-<15 Fish-<15
Egg-<15 Cucumber-<15 Chicken-<15
Cheese <15 Butter 1 Tsp-<15 Beef-<15
Broccoli ½ c-<15

If you have any questions regarding this article, please, call me .
I will be happy to help you.

Dr. Natalie Mtlyansky DC, ND.