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Should You Be Taking Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an important nutrient that is vital for many functions in our body. It helps with everything from wound healing to supporting the immune and cardiovascular systems. It even helps our mood, improves our skin, and helps combat cancer. So, how much vitamin C should you be taking and where should you get it from?

If you eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and nuts and whole grains, vitamin C is likely to be abundant in your diet. If you are not eating a lot of these foods, the first question is… why not? Aside from vitamin C, there’s lot’s of other “good stuff” in those foods. However, because of modern farming techniques and the (unfortunately) high amounts of processed foods that many of us eat, supplements are becoming more and more important to maintaining good health.

So, in addition to the fruits and vegetables you’re already eating, you may want to consider adding an additional 500-1000mg of vitamin C to your daily diet. A very important thing to remember when buying a vitamin C supplement is that for our bodies to fully utilize vitamin C, we need something called bioflavonoids. Therefore a good vitamin C supplement will also contain things like Quercitin, Rutin, and Hesperidin.

One other thing to remember when trying to consume a diet high in vitamin C is that while consuming a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is good, one high in fruit juices can cause a whole batch of other problems. Fruit juices are typically very high in sugars and to much of that in you diet can result in elevated blood sugar (a precursor for diabetes) and elevated triglyceride levels (a precursor for cardiovascular disease). Also, young children shouldn’t drink too much juice due to the potential for damage to young and developing teeth. Ultimately, a diet higher in vegetables is better for you as they tend to be more nutrient dense, higher in fiber, and won’t affect insulin levels as greatly, helping you to maintain a healthy weight or even lose some extra pounds if needed.