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Find the Best Chiropractor in Denver

Here are some ideas on how to find the best Denver chiropractor for you, and why we may be your “best bet“!

Availability - The best Denver chiropractors offer same day appointments in most instances (we do!). If we feel that your problem will benefit from the types of treatment we offer, we will begin your treatment on your first visit. When you’re in pain, you don’t want to wait to feel better.

Thorough Consultation and Exam - To get the care you need, your doctor needs to know exactly what’s wrong . We offer a thorough consultation to every new patient that comes in our doors. This is where you can let the doctor know the answers to questions like “Where is your pain, what makes it better, what makes it worse, what other treatments have you tried, etc.”

After an in-depth consultation you will receive a detailed physical exam testing the entire ‘musculo-skeletal system’ including muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, capsules, and nerves. At this time we will test your reflexes, perform range of motion tests and specific orthopedic tests to determine what type of injury or problem you have so we can plan the fastest way to get you out of pain.

Detailed Explanation - The days of blindly following your doctor’s orders without understanding your problem are over. Once we’ve determined what is causing your pain and more importantly, that we can help, we will create a Recommended Action Plan (R.A.P.). When going over your R.A.P., we will explain exactly what is wrong (in easy to understand language), what kind of treatment will give you the fastest results, and how long it will take to see improvement.

Track Progress/Goals - If after beginning treatment you don’t see improvement, it’s important to have a “back up plan”. In our office we will perform re-exams throughout your treatment to track your improvement. If your condition doesn't progress as planned, we will change your treatment accordingly. We provide chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy, to make sure that you can be pain free as quickly as possible.

Specificity of Treatment - Every patient should be treated according to their specific needs because not every episode of back pain, neck pain, or headaches is the same. While it is true that many people will have a recurring complaint like a “bad knee” or “bad back“, things like age, activity level, and how old an injury is can all affect how a complaint should be treated.

We give every patient a course of action specific to their problem, not just a standard “three times a week for six months”. Our goal is to get you feeling as good as possible as quickly as possible and we achieve that goal by providing the best treatment available for their specific problem.

Various Types of Treatment Available - While vertebral subluxations are frequently the cause of many of the complaints that a chiropractor sees in their office, the best Denver chiropractors know that therapies like massage, acupuncture, laser therapy, and nutritional supplementation can help speed up the recovery time for many episodes of back, neck, and shoulder pain. Our office specializes in providing all of these complimentary services to help provide fast pain relief.

Follow Up - Unfortunately, 80% of Americans will suffer an episode of back or neck pain in their lifetime with the majority of them experiencing many. Good chiropractors know that back pain is something to be managed, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. In our west Denver chiropractic office we make sure to provide our patients with instruction on everything from how to improve their sleep and posture to strengthening their “core” and relieving a back spasm at home.

Most importantly you need to find the best chiropractor in Denver… for YOU! Every chiropractor has strengths and weaknesses and if you focus on finding one that you are comfortable with and satisfies the 7 points above, you should be very happy with the outcome.