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When Should I Come Back for My Next Chiropractic Adjustment?

At the end of every office visit, patients always ask when they need their next chiropractic adjustment. While most patients are on treatment plans for several days per week for several weeks, sometimes, patients prefer to make these decisions visit by visit. Chiropractic care works incrementally, each visit building on the last one. However, there are several factors which play into my answer to this important question about chiropractic adjustments.

5 Factors Which Influence Your Next Chiropractic Adjustment

1. Are you still in pain? If we’re yet at the acute stage of your healing process and you’re still quite painful or symptomatic, then you need to be back soon for your next chiropractic adjustment.

2. How long have you had your current problem? If your current problem you’re coming to see me for is a new small issue, you can usually come for less chiropractic adjustments and push off your next adjustment for quite some time.

3. How old are you? While we are non-discriminatory office, this question is not meant to be insulting. The truth is, the younger you are, the quicker you heal the less you need in terms of care. Two people with the same injury – one is 15 and the other is 78. Big difference in healing times.So, try to be young!

4. What is your prior history? If you have had a back injury and you have had to have treatment for it every couple of years and/or you’ve had a lot of prior injuries to the same area, scar tissue will likely have been formed in that area and this will slow down your current recovery. You will need more and more frequent chiropractic adjustments.

5. Are you concerned with getting over this current pain, or do you want to heal the problem once and for all? Those who have a wellness and preventative attitude will need to have more chiropractic adjustments. While this means more time and more money, it also means more happiness, health, and mobility.

As you can see, there is no one answer to this question, “When do I have to come back for my next chiropractic adjustment?” It really does change from patient to patient, based on their problem and what their goals are. I always hope the patient’s goal is to feel better now, and then learn how to maintain their correction and make some small, but important, changes to diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

How often do you get a chiropractic adjustment?