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How to Pay for Auto Accident Treatment Expenses – Pip

Most people do not know how to pay for their auto accident treatment expenses. As a practicing doctor who specializes in auto accident cases, I deal with this reality every day. The good news: all Utah auto polices must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage. And, unless you’ve had an accident, you likely don’t know how it works.

Recently, I had a wonderful lady come in for initial consultation after having had 2 rear-end auto accidents. She delayed seeking medical treatment out of concern for who would pay for it. The sad result is this nice lady has had to suffer through several months of pain. Completely unnecessary, had she only known that her treatment would be covered.

PIP is a “no fault” coverage, meaning PIP will pay benefits regardless of who caused the accident. Summarized below are the benefits provided by this coverage. Remember, these benefits are true per person in the covered vehicle. These are not accident totals, these are per person.

Payment of at least the first $3,000.00 in medical expenses (you can purchase more through your agent)

$250 per week or 85% of your lost wages (whichever is less)

$20 per day for household services (this is designed to help you pay a friend or family member for things you can’t do around the house such as mowing the lawn, snow removal, household chores, etc.)

Funeral benefits of $1,500.00

Death benefits of $3,000.00

As a treating doctor, my main concern with this type of coverage is ensuring that people know that it exists. The story mentioned above of delayed treatment and unnecessary pain is not unique. I hear and take care of people on a monthly basis who simply didn’t know about PIP. If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident and is suffering due to simply not receiving care, send them to this blog.

You can reach me at my main site, www.saltlakeaccidentdoctor.com, or for more information on PIP and other personal injury issues, visit the Handy & Handy website. Garrett Handy is a caring attorney who specializes in personal injury claims. He also has written a wonderful blog with additional information regarding PIP insurance.