Dr. Brian Kerner, DC, QME | Article

Chiropractic Care and Your Health

Chiropracic comes from the greek words "cheir" and "praktos" meaning "done by hand." The chiropractic adjustment can also be performed using an instrument, often called an Activator. In each case, a specific motion of the spinal joint stimulates the mechanoreceptors deep in the joint as well as the Golgi Tendon Organs (tiny receptors in the spine). In doing so, a reflex relaxation of the body occurs along with increased flow of energy from the brain, through the spine, and out of the cells, organs, glands, and muscles of the body.

Chiropractic concerns itself with biophysics and the connection between structure and function. It is a vitalistic art, science, and philosophy. Although practiced for thousands of years, (Hippocrates was quoted as saying: "Look to the spine for the cause and prevention of the dis-ease"), it has been popular in America for a little over one hundred years.

Chiropractic philosophy has always emphasized the importance of "homeostasis"- The scientific fact that the body wants to keep itself in an optimum state of health and function- a state of balance. Our body temperature and Ph are excellent examples. 98.6 degrees fahrenheit and a Ph of 7.365 of saliva are body numbers that must be kept up or our health will quickly deteriorate.

Along with balance, comes the concept of disease prevention. The famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin: "An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure" is quite relevant in today's healthcare environment. Recent studies suggest that the cause of 60 percent of the majority of diseases that we face, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is behavioral in nature. This is extremely important and I will repeat it: Sixty percent of the majority of disease can be prevented by making the right decisions about our health. Exercise and proper nutrition can actually help us to live long and, most importantly, live well. If this is the case why are we, as Americans, so sick? Very simply, we are not exercising and eating right!

The chiropractic adjustment promotes the optimal function of the nervous system. This helps to not only decrease pain and inflammation but also prevent dis-ease. Even with a well-adjusted spine, lack of exercise and poor nutrition can contribute to the body "not holding" adjustments. It is important for anyone receiving chiropractic care to move from "passive care" adjustments only to "active care", which includes the performing of specific stretching and strengthening exercises. In this way, the best results can be obtained.