David M Coonrad, DC | Article

Would You Like Your Body to Work the Way It Used To?

It’s possible!

Each injury, illness or significantly stressful event in your life leaves a shadow of itself imprinted upon your body in the form of a slight twist, turn or lean. Taken separately each event may not be noticeable to you but as each one is placed on top of the others they accumulate into postural alterations which, in turn, gradually diminish your body’s efficiency. Slowly over the course of years you lose some flexibility. One day you notice you can’t turn your neck as far or your knee doesn’t hold you up as firmly or your foot hurts after dancing. Each of these slight impediments may not be terrible. The problem is that they accumulate and build on each other, making them worsen gradually. They also cause mechanical stress on distant body parts, wearing them down and causing even more restriction in other places. In this manner the ankle that you turned as a kid on the playground has caused malfunction of your knee then your hip then your low back….and so on.

In order to truly get your body working well, we need to correct these accumulated patterns. As you unwind through these old patterns your body will remind you about your previous injuries. Depending on the extent of your patterns it may take months or a year or more to accomplish.

Patients who have completed their corrective program are thrilled to have their youthful body once again!