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Use a Tennis Ball to Relieve Your Back Pain

A tennis ball can be used as a massage device can help loosen knots in the neck and back and relieve tension and back pain. A tennis ball can work so well that you may start to wonder why you spent so much on massages.

How does ‘tennis ball therapy’ work? First off, you need a tennis ball – preferably a newer one that your dog hasn’t been using as a chew toy. Put the ball on the floor and lie down on top of the ball, with it positioned underneath a tender spot in your back. If this is too painful, try putting the tennis ball on your bed instead as this will reduce the pressure on your back when you lie down. Try to relax (don’t hold your breath, breathing helps) and you will find that, after a few minutes, the pressure of the ball has lessened. You can then move the tennis ball to another tender spot in your back, if necessary, and repeat the process.

Using a tennis ball can be just like having someone apply pressure to the knots in your back, helping to relieve the spasm and improve the circulation to the area. You can use this type of therapy on the muscles of the back, buttocks, and legs to help relieve sciatica or cramps in the hamstrings or calves.

If this form of therapy only provides temporary relief from your muscle spasms, you may need to call our office and schedule an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment. If the joints of the spine are inflamed or irritated, the muscles over the top of the joint will spasm to act as a protective mechanism. Only by addressing the underlying joint dysfunction will you get the muscles in the back to relax.