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Blood Sugar Solution Plants

Blood sugar solution plans

There are two versions of the Blood Sugar Solution Program. The Basic Plan can be followed by everyone. It balances your blood sugar, reduces insulin spikes ,balances hormones, cools off inflammation. It also improve digestion, boosts metabolism, enhances detoxification.

The Advanced Plan is designed for people with more sever cases of diabesity, including those who already was diagnosed with diabetes type 2.
To determine which plan you need, you will have to complete three steps:gather your measurements, take Comprehensive diabesity quiz and get tested.
Your measurements include: your height, weight, waist size, your blood pressure, your body mass index, your waist to height ratio. Your BMI =weight in pounds times 703, divided by height in inches squared. This gives you a way to track whether you are normal weight , overweight, or obese. Normal BMI is less then 25, overweight-26-29, obese-over 30.
Your waist to height ratio = divide your waist measurement by your height in inches and move the decimal point two places to the right.

Waist to Height Table

Ratio <35: underweight
Ratio 35-41; extremely slim
Ratio 42-45: slender and healthy Ratio46-48:healthy, normal weight
Ratio 49-53: overweight
Ratio54-58: obese
Ratio >58: highly obese

Ratio<35: underweight
Ratio35-42: extremely slim
Ratio 43-45 : slender and healthy
Ratio46-52 : Normal weight
Ratio 53-57 : overweight
Ratio 58-63 : extremely overweight
Ratio >63: highly obese
To take Comprehensive Diabesity Quiz go to

As soon you completed the quiz, determine how severe your condition is by using the scoring key. Score 1-7 represent Mild Diabesity and you can use Basic plan. Score >8 represent Moderate to Severe Diabesity and requires Advanced Plan.
I think that this information is very important for many of us, but it can not substitute your own reading of Blood Sugar Solution Book by Mark Hyman, M.D. My goal is to introduce you to this book, it is your decision what you are going to do with your health. I would be happy to answer your questions and help you on the road.

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